Solar-Terrestrial Data


Born in Zürich in 1961 Interests in RC planes: started with the age of 14 (still acitve) Interests in shortwave communication: started with the age of 18 (still active)

Shortly before take-off… and up in the air!



Short waves

Two of my favourites:

An Autophon E-627 receiver built 1954 in Switzerland and a much younger piece of technique, the Icom IC-R75 that is still in production.

Old meets young. Left: Autophon E-627 (1954); right: Icom IC-R75 (still in production)

The Autophon is still fully up and running and I have even spare tubes and a oparation- and service manual.


My model planes

Some of my airplanes (list will be continued)
PZL 104 Wilga 35
Save back on ground
Wilga in the air

ASW 24 (Wingspan 4200 mm)

Weihe 50 (wingspan 3200 mm)





Edge 540


YMF-3 Waco



Welcome on “up in the air”

Hello, my name is Markus

I am 52 years old and married to my lovely Patricia. We live in a small village about 10 km from Zürich. The name of the village is “Oetwil an der Limmat (a. d. L.)”.” Limmat” is the river passing around 200 m in front of our house. My interests are radio controlled airplanes and short wave communication. If you like, you can have a look on some of my planes I have built over more than 30 years.